How Do I Clear apt-get Cache


The apt clear command is used to liberate disk house as a part of scheduled and common repairs. This command eliminates the native repository of package deal recordsdata downloaded from /var/cache/apt/archives/ with the exception of lock recordsdata and partial folders.

This article will display you transparent the apt-cache on Ubuntu. This procedure applies to different Debian, Ubuntu-based distributions comparable to Deepin, Linux, Mint, and extra.

We intention to supply a short lived on apt clear as many of us search for Ubuntu transparent cache find out how to clear up their gadget.

What is Apt-Cache?

When we set up a package deal with the assistance of apt command, apt-get, or DEB package deal within the device middle, the best package deal supervisor will to find its dependencies and package deal.deb structure and stay it in /var/cache/apt/archives.

When we obtain the deb package deal, the gadget strikes it to /var/cache/apt/archives. While downloading this package deal, apt saved this package deal in /var/cache/apt/archives/partial listing.

When we obtain deb recordsdata and dependencies of a package deal, our gadget mechanically installs the package deal from most of these deb recordsdata.

The deb recordsdata we obtain don’t seem to be right away got rid of from the listing as soon as the set up is whole. Whenever we take away a package deal and reinstall it for no matter reason why, the gadget seems for it within the cache.

Through this, as an alternative of downloading it again, the gadget will get it from right here itself. It’s conceivable to try this if the package deal model within the cache fits the package deal model within the faraway repository.

This procedure is fairly fast. We can see that if we obtain a brand new package deal, take away it, and set up it once more, we will see how briskly it downloads the second one time from the time command.

Is It Important to Clear Apt-Get Cache?

  • We can perceive this via an instance of ways the du command can every now and then cross to 100s MB, and if we use a server, then this house will also be helpful.
  • Whether we must transparent our cache or no longer is dependent upon us.
  • If we’re working out of disk house at the root, we must transparent the best cache. In quick, every now and then, we want to reclaim and loose disk house.
  • We can succeed in the releasing up of disk house on Ubuntu on this means.

How Do I Clear Apt-Get Cache?

If we need to take away apt-cache, then we must no longer take away the cache listing manually. There is a separate devoted command for it so let’s transparent cache in Ubuntu the use of terminal:

In different phrases, this command deletes all contents of the /var/cache/apt/archives listing with the exception of the lock document. It is a simulation of the impact of the apt-get clear command.

There is any other command to be as to hand as this one for clearing cache.

$ sudo apt-get auto-clean

The auto-clean command eliminates most effective the ones applications which don’t seem to be conceivable to obtain from the repository.

If we set up any new package deal “A” within the gadget, its deb recordsdata stay within the cache. After a while, if a brand new model of “A” is to be had within the repository, the present package deal turns into unnecessary and out of date.

The auto-clean choice eliminates unnecessary applications that we can’t obtain again.


If we clear the out of date deb applications, then we need to use apt-get auto clear. It eliminates all the ones recordsdata that are basically unnecessary and which can’t be downloaded again. We hope that from this newsletter defined by means of us, you’ll know really well why and use apt-cache. This small factor will increase our wisdom of Linux.

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