Setup Sudo No Password for Specific Command Only


Are you a Linux or Unix running device consumer? Then sure, sudo is your in depth helper command in Linux. On the Linux running device, you’ll be able to run instructions as every other consumer the usage of the sudo command. Sudo is essentially the most repeatedly used software within the Linux device. But ahead of operating instructions, sudo wishes consumer authentication.

Users wish to log in the usage of their consumer ID and password ahead of the usage of the command. But getting into the password each time may transform demanding. This article will speak about the sudo command, how you can use the sudo command, and arrange the sudo no password for instructions within the subsequent sections.

Using a root account, you should be executed with the preliminary setup ahead of operating the instructions. You can get entry to the basis by means of the usage of the $sudo command. But you should know the password to start with.

Setup Sudo No Password for Specific Command Only

Following are some step by step instructions that can assist you know the way to make use of the sudo command with out a password to execute all instructions.

UserList HostList=EffectiveUserList TagList CommandChecklist

Where user_list is an inventory of customers already created, Host_list is an inventory of hosts the place the customers can run sudo.

Effective_user record is an inventory of the customers who may well be operating as an alias. Tag_list is tags equivalent to NOPASSWD. In the command record, we move the instructions we don’t need to write the passwords to.

As a root consumer, you want to jot down the # visudo or $ sudo visudo command.

In the second one step, you want to append the access of the next given command with out password for the desired consumer (say consumer vidya):


Then save and shut the document and check the outcome by means of typing [[email protected]]$sudo /bin/kill pid-here command.

So within the given techniques, we will be able to arrange the sudo no password command.

Now, if you wish to setup sudo no password for particular command best, then this is the step by step manner:

Let’s take an instance the place we will be able to use mkdir in sudo with out offering a password. So this is the easy approach of the usage of mkdir to create a listing:

Note: DATAFILE within the above command is the folder we now have created.

Now we will be able to open the visudo panel thru the next command:

After that, scroll all the way down to the ground, the place /and so forth/sudoers.d is provide, after which put the under command in it:

We have used morbius ALL=NOPASSWD:/bin/mkdir as we wish to supply sudo privileges to mkdir with out the usage of a password.

Finally, we will be able to check that device is effectively authorised the command, so we created yet one more folder the usage of mkdir, and the program didn’t ask concerning the password:

If you need to make use of two other instructions with out a password, you’ll be able to use the under command within the visudo panel:

Here we’re putting in place no password for apt instructions. That’s why we now have used the /usr/bin/apt command.

Now this is the outcome:


This article has mentioned the sudo command, how you can use the sudo command, and the sudo no password for all or particular instructions. We even have noticed the syntax of the sudo command for no password. We hope you loved the item. Please talk over with our web page to learn extra articles.

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