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Linux Commands for Linux Beginners

How to Change Your Username in Linux

Linux permits more than one customers to get admission to the similar machine at a time, or we will be able to say this is a multi-user OS. Along with that, there are more than one obligations that the admin should organize like giving…

What Is XFS Snapshot?

Filesystems are used to retailer and retrieve the knowledge and metadata. A read-only replica of this whole filesystem is referred to as a snapshot. A snapshot is a reproduction of the filesystem (on the time when the device creates the

Touch Command in Ubuntu 22.04

The contact command in Ubuntu 22.04 serves quite a lot of functions akin to producing information or units of information, changing the amendment or get right of entry to occasions of information, and so on.

Check Which Process Is Using a Port on Linux

What Is a Port? In laptop networking, a port represents a logical access and go out level for a connection. Ports are according to device and are fully digital. These ports on a pc are controlled by means of the running machine.

How To Resize the EXT4 Partition

There are quite a lot of document methods in Linux that experience particular and glued sizes. Although there are some myths that it's unattainable to resize a fastened filesystem, there are some instructions to resize them.

How To Use MKFS for EXT4

Linux comprises quite a lot of forms of filesystems, together with EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4. You can manually construct the record techniques at the present instrument throughout the mkfs command.

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