What is Banner in Linux


The banner program displays ASCII character strings in the large letter on the standard output in Linux distributions. It becomes interesting when someone logs in via terminal and sees a beautiful string of letters.

Install Banner:

Run the mentioned apt command to install “banner” in the Linux system:

$ sudo apt install sysvbanner

To get a manual page of banner in the terminal, type the below-mentioned command:

And terminal will display the following output:

Let’s give some strings to the command and prints its output:

Example 1:

To print Fire in terminal using the banner command, type command given below:

Example 2:

To print Linuxhint in terminal:

Example 3:

To display 2021 number in terminal using the banner command:


The “banner” command is used in Unix-based operating systems to display ASCII characters string on the terminal. In this guide, we have seen how to install the banner tool in Linux and its examples.

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