How to Copy Directory in Linux: (Beginner to Advance)


While operating in different running techniques, we use so as to add information and folders, minimize, reproduction, edit and delete them as in line with our selection. Just like most of these, the Linux machine supplies us the chance to duplicate a unmarried folder to any other folder despite the fact that the folder is empty or now not. Therefore, we can talk about some simple how to reproduction one listing to any other in Ubuntu 20.04 machine. Let’s have a contemporary get started via the use of the alternative ways to duplicate a listing from one position to any other in Linux.

For this actual function, we will have to open up the terminal shell as we’re going to do all issues in it. There are two techniques to open it. One is from the task seek space and the opposite is the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+T”. Practice one of the vital discussed how to open it and get started imposing the instructions in it one after the other.

Example 01

Firstly, we wish to see the entire information and directories held in our house folder of Ubuntu 20.04. This procedure can also be achieved with the assistance of a listing command. The record command accommodates just a unmarried phrase “ls”. Execute it and you’ll be proven with the house folder directories and information as in line with the picture hooked up.

Now, we’re growing a brand new listing in our house listing to accomplish reproduction operations after a while. The Ubuntu 20.04 machine supplies us with the “mkdir” question to create a brand new empty listing. So, we’ve used the “mkdir” command in our command shell and named the listing as “new”. The command can be carried out with the assistance of an Enter key.

Imagine, one listing isn’t sufficient so that you can carry out reproduction operations for higher understandability. So, we’ve once more applied the “mkdir” command with the brand new listing title “test”. After the listing introduction, we’ve indexed the house listing contents. The record “ls” command is obviously appearing the addition of two new directories in the house folder i.e. new and take a look at.

Let’s get started copying a listing to any other folder. For this, the Linux machine got here up with the shortcut reproduction command i.e., “cp” key phrase together with a few of its flag choices. The command accommodates the folder to be copied and the site the place it will have to be pasted. The syntax of this command is proven within the mentioned question.

$ cp –r listing/ path-to-destination-folder/

Within the under symbol, you’ll be able to take a look that the cp command accommodates the “-r” flag together with the supply folder (to be copied) and the vacation spot folder (route to the folder wherein it’s going to be pasted). The “new” folder can be copied to the “Documents” folder. The identical “cp” command is used to duplicate the “test” folder to the “new” folder throughout the “Documents” folder. Both the instructions carry out the similar factor however at other ranges.

Let’s navigate inside the Documents folder of our machine first by way of the “cd” instruction within the shell. After the navigation in opposition to the Documents folder, we’ve indexed its contents by way of the “ls” command. You can see that the “new” folder is effectively copied.

Let’s carry out the navigation once more with a 1 degree up this time the use of the “cd” command. We are effectively navigated within the Documents/new folder. After record the contents of the “new” folder, we’ve were given to grasp that it has effectively copied the “test” folder inside of it.

Example 02

Let’s take a look at copying a record right into a listing. So, we’ve created a brand new empty record “new.txt” and indexed the house folder contents with the “ls” instruction. It presentations that the record is created, new, and the “test” folder could also be there.

The reproduction command is used the similar manner with out the “-r” flag. A unmarried distinction is that the record title doesn’t include any “/” signal on the finish of it. The vacation spot folder could also be specified.

After navigating inside the “new” folder and record its contents, we were given to grasp that the reproduction operation was once a hit on the easy record as smartly.

Example 03

Let’s check out any other representation of copying a couple of contents folder to any other location in Linux. So, we’ve began it with the navigation in opposition to the “Music” folder of the house listing. After navigation, the record command is using the contents of the Music folder i.e. empty.

After that, we’ve navigated in opposition to the Documents folder and were given to grasp that it accommodates two textual content information in it as smartly by way of the record command.

Now, we’ve been the use of the similar manner of copying the information however with the “-avr” flag within the cp command this time. So, we need to point out the supply location i.e. “/home/saeedraza/Documents”. After this, you wish to have so as to add the vacation spot folder location i.e. “/house/saeedraza/Music. It will take the contents from the Documents folder and save them to the Music folder one after the other.

After operating the record command whilst navigating inside the Music folder, we’ve were given to grasp that the Documents folder is right here now.

After navigating inside the “Music/Documents” folder, we’ve were given to grasp that the entire contents i.e., “new1.txt”, “new2.txt” of the “Documents” folder also are copied inside the “Music” folder together with the “Documents” folder.

Example 04

Let’s say you could have created a brand new record in the house folder, and indexed its information within the shell with the cat instructions as in line with the under symbol output.

The cp command is right here with the “-v” flag to duplicate the contents of a brand new.txt record to any other record “test.txt” record. The take a look at.txt record can be routinely generated with using this command. On having a look on the take a look at.txt record with the cat command, we’ve discovered that the contents are copied.


This article accommodates an amazing quantity of instructions to duplicate a folder to any other location. We have attempted to hide the copying of a unmarried folder to any other location, copying a unmarried record to any other location and different information, and lots of extra. We are hoping that this text will be slightly easy to grasp and simple to enforce for each consumer of the Ubuntu 20.04 machine.

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