How to test your Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit


The mind of any laptop referred to as CPU might fall into some of the classes 32bit or 64bit processing powers. It is foreseen that; the early days of computing used 32bit working programs, and in that generation, best supercomputers functioned on 64-bit architectures. However, because the generation advanced, PCs and laptops began to ship a CPU that helps 64-bit architectures. The computing units working on 32-bit architectures can take care of 232 bytes of RAM; opposite to this, a 64bit working machine can procedure 264 bytes of RAM this is means more than that of 32bit processors. This elementary comparability of knowledge dealing with makes the bottom to end up that 64bit working programs are simpler than 32bit. According to the CPU’s structure, the tool or systems which can be evolved as of late are to be had for each varieties of processing powers. However, it’s seen {that a} 32bit OS can take care of best 32 bit packages, while a 64bit OS too can run 32bit supported systems along 64 bit. Several illustration requirements are used to tell apart each; like 32but CPUs are classified with ×86-32 or ×86, and in a similar way, 64bit OS can also be recognized through discovering ×64-32 or ×64. The 64bit primarily based OSs are extra robust and efficient than 32bit OS as they are able to take care of extra information on RAM, and customers can experience exhaustive packages on their programs. In this newsletter, we will be able to show the imaginable tactics to test if the Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit. First, let’s perceive the elemental distinction between 32 bit and 64-bit architectures:

Key variations between 32-bit and 64-bit architectures

We have indexed few key variations of the well known processing architectures:

  • There is a reminiscence limitation is 3.2GB for 32bit OS, and a 64bit processor can cope with a 17Billion GB of RAM
  • In regard to graphics and safety, 64bit CPUs plays a lot better than 32bit; due to this fact, they’re extra appropriate on this generation for safety in addition to for higher visualization
  • The computing units that had been manufactured within the outdated days have compatibility with 32bit CPUs, while 64 bit does now not enhance outdated machines

How to test the Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit

Whenever customers take a look at to select the packages or the working machine, there are few concerns which can be to be famous when going thru this procedure. You should test the specs of your machine as outdated machines or the CPUs with 32bit compatibility can’t run a 64bit software. We have indexed tactics to test the machine structure that it’s 32bit or 64bit; in a broader view, you’ll test it the usage of two tactics which can be indexed underneath, later we will be able to provide an explanation for each and every of them:

Method 1: Checking Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit the usage of terminal

Method 2: Checking Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit the usage of Graphical Interface

Let’s get started from “Method 1” that how terminal of Ubuntu can be utilized:

Method 1: How to test Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit the usage of terminal

There is a listing of instructions that can be utilized to test the CPU structure of your Linux machine; let’s dig into them one at a time:

uname: uname is a command that can be utilized with its in depth enhance of flags to get the desired data; uname command, when accomplished with the “-i” flag, will print our required element, and you’ll follow that “x86_64” is outlined, which means that the program operates on 64bit.

And the “-a” flag will also be used to fetch the related data; it’s going to print somewhat little bit of detailed data, however you’ll get the structure sort as proven underneath:

arch: This command will also be used to print the structure form of working machine you’re these days working:

dpkg: The dpkg command within the terminal lets you display the 32bit or 64bit data in your terminal; you must execute the next command to take action:

$ dpkg –print-architecture

lscpu: Contrary to the above instructions; this will likely print detailed data similar on your CPU, and we will get the structure sort as proven underneath:

Method 2: How to test if Linux machine is 32bit or 64bit the usage of a graphical interface

You too can get lend a hand from the graphical interface to test the structure form of the CPU; simply practice the easy steps, and you are prepared to get the tips:

Right-click at the desktop and to find “Settings”:

Click at the “Settings” and scroll down at the left pane of the window to search for the “About” possibility; click on in this “About,” and you’ll follow that all of the elementary data can be displayed at the proper pane of the window. Here, you’ll to find the “OS Type” possibility that may display you the 64bit or 32bit similar data:


The structure form of CPU has a key position to play in the usage of the computing units; many of the capability and reaction of the CPU is determined by the structure form of your machine; if the machine is 64bit, then it’s understood that the instrument can run a spread of resource-intensive packages easily. In this newsletter, we now have indexed the tactics to test which structure sort Linux machine. You can use the graphical interface of the Linux machine in addition to the terminal enhance to get the related data.

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