How To Install PIP in Ubuntu 20.04


Pip is a package deal set up instrument this is used to get applications from the Python Package Index and more than a few repositories.

Pip, which stands for “Preferred Installer Program”, is a Python-based package deal control utility that streamlines the package deal set up and control procedure. Pip is a multi-platform package deal supervisor for Python tasks which assists in managing libraries and dependencies. Pip set up on Ubuntu Linux is a handy guide a rough and simple process.

The newest Python 3 is incorporated in the usual device set up beginning with Ubuntu 20.04. The supply code for Python 2 is also discovered within the basic supply repository. However, customers are inspired to improve to Python 3. When there isn’t a corresponding package deal for a module, use pip to put in it globally. Instead of putting in Python modules globally, the Python digital setting lets you set up them in a separate position underneath every venture. You received’t have to fret about impacting different Python methods this fashion.

This article will display you methods to arrange Python 3 and Python 2. We’ll move in the course of the fundamentals of the usage of pip to put in and set up Python applications in Ubuntu 20.04.

How To Install PIP on Ubuntu 20.04

You can get the record of all appropriate applications from the python applications reputable website online (PyPI). You too can get assist referring to set up the usage of this website online. For instance, if you wish to set up any package deal like “scrapy” which is a package deal used for internet scraping. Other than that, you’ll be able to additionally get the documentation of the package deal in your higher figuring out.

To set up the pip report for python you want to sort the command stated beneath:

sudo apt set up python3-pip 

It will recommended you and ask in your permission whether or not you need to put in it or now not (y/n), the place you want to press “y” for set up as proven beneath.

The put in edition of pip may also be known the usage of the command mentioned-below:

pip3 --version 

Check PIP Version

Now, if you wish to understand how to make use of the pip command and what are the to be had options then you’ll be able to see them by way of typing the next command within the terminal.

pip --help 

find PIP help

Now as you’ll be able to see from the above symbol, the primary command is to put in the applications. So allow us to take an instance of putting in the “scrapy” python package deal. You can do this by way of typing:

pip3 set up scrapy 

PIP Install modules

You can set up another package deal of your selection as neatly by way of following the very same syntax.
After set up, you’ll be able to test if the package deal is put in or now not by way of typing the next command within the terminal.

pip3 record 

PIP View installed packages

This command will display you the record of all put in applications and you’ll want to scroll down to search out your put in applications.

How to Uninstall the Python applications

You can uninstall any earlier package deal that you’ve put in by way of typing

pip3 uninstall scrapy 

PIP uninstall modules

The scrapy package deal has been put in.

How to Install PIP for Python 2

The pip package deal for python 2 is found in universe repository however if you happen to don’t have to your device then to put in it use:

sudo add-apt-repository universe 

Now, use the command stated beneath to replace the applications record:

sudo apt replace 

Install the Python2 minimum package deal first.

sudo apt set up python2-minimal 

The Pip applications for Python2 isn’t incorporated in Ubuntu 20.04. So we want to use pip installer script.

curl -o 

Then execute the Python script with python2 to put in Pip for your device.

sudo python2

After the set up you’ll be able to test the edition by way of typing:

pip2 --version 


pip 20.3.4 from /usr/native/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip (python 2.7)

How to Uninstall PIP from Ubuntu 20.04

If you need to uninstall the pip package deal for python 3, then you’ll be able to do this by way of typing the next instructions within the terminal:

For python 3:

sudo apt purge python3-pip 


Python is essentially the most simplified and easy-to-learn programming language. Python codes are sooner to execute and feature lots of modules to paintings with to make stronger the capability of the methods. This article has proven you the way you’ll be able to set up pip applications for python 2 and python 3 for Ubuntu OS 20.04. Moreover, we additionally discovered methods to uninstall a package deal and pip.

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