How to Convert PDF to Image in Linux Command Line, this one is the best


pdftoppm converts PDF document pages to image formats like PNG, and others. It is a command-line tool that can convert an entire PDF document into separate image files.

With pdftoppm, you can specify the preferred image resolution, scale, and crop your images.

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To use the pdftoppm command-line tool, you need to first install pdftoppm which is a part of the poppler / poppler-utils / poppler-tools package.

Install this package as follows depending on your Linux distribution

$ sudo apt install poppler-utils     [

On Debian/Ubuntu & Mint

$ sudo dnf install poppler-utils     [

On RHEL/CentOS & Fedora

$ sudo zypper install poppler-tools  [


$ sudo pacman -S poppler             [

On Arch Linux


Below are examples of how you can use the pdftoppm tool to convert your pdf files to images:

1. Convert PDF Document to Image

The syntax for converting an entire pdf is as follows:

$ pdftoppm -  
$ pdftoppm -  

In the example below, the name of my document is Linux_For_Beginners.pdf and we will convert it to PNG format and name the images as Linux_For_Beginners.

$ pdftoppm -png Linux_For_Beginners.pdf Linux_For_Beginners


Each page of the PDF will be converted to PNG as Linux_For_Beginners-1.png, Linux_For_Beginners-2.png, etc.

Convert PDF to Images in Linux Commandline

2. Convert Range of PDF Pages to Images

The syntax for specifying range is as follows:

$ pdftoppm - -f N -l N  
$ pdftoppm - -f N -l N  

Where N specifies the first-page number to covert and -l N for the last page to convert.

In the example below, we will convert pages 10 to 15 from Linux_For_Beginners.pdf to PNG.

$ pdftoppm -png -f 10 -l 15 Linux_For_Beginners.pdf Linux_For_Beginners

The output will be images named Linux_For_Beginners-10.png, Linux_For_Beginners-11.png, etc.

Convert Range PDF Pages to Image
Convert Range PDF Pages to Image

3. Convert First PDF Page to Image

To convert the first page only use the syntax below:

$ pdftoppm -png -f 1 -l 1 Linux_For_Beginners.pdf Linux_For_Beginners

4. Adjust DPI Quality to Conversion

Pdftoppm converts PDF pages to images with a DPI of 150 by default. To adjust, use the rx number which specifies the X resolution, and -ry the number which specifies the Y resolution, in DPI.

In this example, we adjust the DP quality of Linux_For_Beginners.pdf to 300.

$ pdftoppm -png -rx 300 -ry 300 Linux_For_Beginners.pdf Linux_For_Beginners

To see all the choices available and supported in pdftoppm, run the commands:

$ pdftoppm --help  
$ man pdftoppm

Hopefully, you can now convert your PDF pages to images in Linux using the Pdftoppm command-line tool.

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