How to Make a File Executable in Linux


Making bash script information executable is an effective solution to run your bash systems as a result of through default the scripts aren’t executable. This comes in handy principally for machine directors, as they wish to expand a number of bash scripts day by day to automate their duties. For instance, you may want to run bash scripts to again up your paintings or log sure occasions for your server. So this text will information you on how you’ll be able to make your bash scripts executable, and for that, there are two primary tactics:

  • Make a bash report executable the use of the CHMOD command
  • Make a bash report executable the use of report homes

How to make a report executable the use of the chmod command

The “chmod” command stands for alternate mode, and this command can be utilized to make adjustments within the report permissions, reminiscent of you’ll be able to make a report writable, readable, and executable. To see those permissions for any report, first, let’s create a bash script report in nano editor:

Then now we have written some textual content and stored the report as proven beneath:


echo ”This is a check report to make it executable.”

Use the below-mentioned command to test whether or not the report is executable or now not:

In the above symbol, the letter ‘r’ displays that the report is readable, and ‘w’ displays that the report is writeable and ‘x’ displays that the report is executable, which is these days lacking at the above output, and that suggests you can’t execute this report for now. To test this, you’ll be able to execute this report through following the overall syntax proven beneath.

For instance:

As you’ll be able to see, it displays an error after seeking to execute the textual content report, and that is the place the chmod command turns out to be useful. To make this report executable, all you wish to have to do is to observe the overall syntax proven beneath:

For instance:

In the above symbol, ‘u+x’ displays that you’re giving permission to the person to execute a particular report, and you’ll be able to see that it added a letter ‘x’ within the symbol and after that, you wish to have to run this bash report through typing.

It may also be observed that the content material of the bash report is now completed with none error.

How to make a report executable the use of report homes

You too can make a report executable through right-clicking at the bash report and deciding on its ‘Properties’ as proven beneath:

The subsequent step is to make a choice the ‘Permissions’ tab after which take a look at the choice of ‘Allow executing file as program’.

This will even permit you to execute the bash report for which you’ve decided on this feature, upon double clicking the report, you are going to get the urged as proven beneath:

You can both get output within the terminal or without delay run the script for the specified outcome.


Making a bash script executable permits you to execute your bash scripts with no need to sort bash within the terminal. This is particularly helpful for machine directors, who wish to write a number of bash scripts each day to automate their jobs. So on this article, now we have taught you the way you’ll be able to make any bash report executable, and there are two tactics for doing this. One is through the use of the “chmod” command, and the opposite is through the use of the report homes.

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