How to Install PowerShell on Fedora


PowerShell is an command line interface in addition to a scripting language evolved through Microsoft. Similar to bash programing, the PowerShell may be used for automating the roles for the device control. The present model of PowerShell supported Fedora 32 or higher variations.

PowerShell may be to be had for the Linux methods with an reputable package deal repository. This educational will mean you can for putting in PowerShell on Fedora Linux device.


You should be login as root account or sudo privileged account in your Fedora Linux device.

Enable Microsoft Repository in Fedora

First of all upload the Microsoft signature key in your Fedora device through operating the next command.

sudo rpm --import 

Next, execute the next command so as to add the Microsoft repository to the Fedora device

sudo rpm -Uvh 

Install PowerShell in Fedora

Now run the ‘dnf check-update’, which replace the metadata of all enabled repositories. This is not going to in fact replace the programs however checklist all programs.

sudo dnf check-update 

Now, You are ready to put in PowerShell on Fedora device. Run the underneath command to put in PowerShell on Fedora Linux device.

sudo dnf set up powershell 
Installing PowerShell on Fedora Linux

That’s it. This will entire the PowerShell set up for your Fedora device.

Access PowerShell in Fedora

To get entry to the PowerShell terminal, sort pwsh on a terminal. On a success, you are going to get the Powershell terminal as underneath.

How to Install PowerShell on Fedora Linux
Connect to PowerShell

After getting the instructed, sort “help” to get detailed details about makes use of.

How to Uninstall PowerShell on Fedora

If you don’t want PowerShell anymore for your device. Simply sort underneath command to uninstall it.

sudo dnf take away powershell


This information helped you for putting in PowerShell on Fedora Linux device. Now you’ll be able to use PowerShell options to manage your server and automate the duties.

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