How To Install Apache Solr 9.0 on Fedora 36/35


Apache Solr is an open-source seek platform written on Java. Solr supplies full-text seek, spell tips, customized file ordering and score, Snippet technology, and highlighting.

This instructional will let you to put in Apache Solr 9.0 on Fedora 36/35/34/33/32 Linux methods.

Step 1 – Prerequsities

Apache Solr 9.0 required the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) edition 11 or upper. If the machine doesn’t have JRE put in, use the next command to put in OpenJDK 17 at the Fedora machine.

sudo dnf set up java-17-openjdk 

You can take a look at the put in Java edition on the command line the use of:

java -version openjdk 17.0.3 2022-04-19 OpenJDK Runtime Environment 21.9 (construct 17.0.3+7) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 21.9 (construct 17.0.3+7, combined mode, sharing)

Step 2 – Install Apache Solr on Fedora

Now obtain the desired Solr edition from its legit web page or mirrors. You may additionally use the under command to obtain Apache Solr 9.0 from its legit web site. After that extract the installer script.

wget  tar xzf solr-9.0.0.tgz solr-9.0.0/bin/ --strip-components=2 

Then execute the installer script with bash shell adopted with downloaded Archive record. The command will likely be like under:

sudo bash ./ solr-9.0.0.tgz 

This will create a consumer with the identify solr on your machine and end the set up procedure. After that get started the carrier default Solr port 8983.

Step 3 – Managing Apache Solr Service

Use the next instructions to Start, Stop and take a look at the standing of the Solr carrier.

  • Start Solr carrier:
    sudo carrier solr get started 
  • Stop Solr carrier:
    sudo carrier solr forestall  
  • Restart Solr carrier:
    sudo carrier solr restart  
  • Check the Solr carrier standing:
    sudo carrier solr standing  


    Found 1 Solr nodes:
    Solr procedure 30891 operating on port 8983
      "version":"9.0.0 a4eb7aa123dc53f8dac74d80b66a490f2d6b4a26 - janhoy - 2022-05-05 01:00:08",
      "uptime":"0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 14 seconds",
      "memory":"61.4 MB (%12) of 512 MB"}

Step 4 – Create a New Solr Collection

Apache Solr shops values below a set. A suite is a unmarried logical index that makes use of a separate solrconfig.xml configuration record with a unmarried index schema.

You can create a brand new assortment the use of the Apache Solr command-line software or the use of Solr APIs. The under command will create a brand new assortment in Solr named mycol1.

sudo su - solr -c "/opt/solr/bin/solr create -c mycol1 -n data_driven_schema_configs" 


Created new core 'mycol1'

Step 5 – Allow Solr Access on Public Network

The default Apache Solr runs on localhost handiest. To permit the Solr server publically out there over networks, edit the /and so forth/default/ configuration record.

sudo vim /and so forth/default/ 

Search for the SOLR_JETTY_HOST variable. Uncomment it by means of eliminating the beginning hash (#) image. Set the price to “”.

Enable Apache Solr to Listen on Public Network

Save the configuration record and restart Solr carrier:

sudo carrier solr restart  

You additionally wish to open the port within the machine firewall. The below-mentioned command will open port 8983 in firewalld.

sudo firewall-cmd --permanent  --add-port=8983/tcp  sudo firewall-cmd --reload 

Step 6 – Access Solr Web Admin Panel

The default Apache Solr runs on port 8983. You can get right of entry to the Solr port on your internet browser and you’re going to get the Solr dashboard.

I have already got mapped the area solr.tecadmin.internet with the Fedora server IP cope with.

Installing Apache Solr on Fedora
Apache Solr Dashboard

Here you’ll view statics of created assortment in earlier steps named “mycol1”. Click on “Core Selector” at the left sidebar and choose created assortment.

Installing Apache Solr on Fedora
Apache Solr Collection Details


This instructional helped you to put in Apache Solr at the Fedora Linux machine.

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