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AnyDesk is a unfastened far flung desktop sharing utility that lets you get admission to the Linux desktop remotely from different running techniques similar to Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a superb selection to TeamViewer.

WithAnyDesk, you’ll be able to document the whole lot you spot to your pc as a video report, and you’ll be able to playback at any time.

Here, we will be able to see how you can set up AnyDesk on Fedora 35 / Fedora 34.

AnyDesk Library Requirement

AnyDesk wishes a library that isn’t to be had for Fedora 33 and later. So, it is very important set up it from Fedora 32 repository for AnyDesk.

sudo dnf --releasever=32 set up -y pangox-compat.x86_64

Add AnyDesk Repository

AnyDesk instrument gives its bundle by the use of respectable repositories for Linux running techniques. Run the underneath command to arrange the AnyDesk repository.

sudo tee /and many others/yum.repos.d/AnyDesk.repo << "EOF"
identify=AnyDesk Fedora - strong

Install AnyDesk on Fedora 35

And then, set up the AnyDesk bundle with the underneath command.

sudo dnf set up -y anydesk

Access AnyDesk

After putting in the AnyDesk bundle, you release it through going to Activities >> seek for AnyDesk or executing the anydesk command.

AnyDesk Running on Fedora 35


That’s All. I'm hoping you've discovered how you can set up AnyDesk on Fedora 35 / Fedora 34.

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