How do I alter GRUB boot choices


When Computers are powered on they want some working device, the method wherein the pc activates and detects the working device and initializes it, is known as boot. The different time period which is essential to know for us is grub, grub is the abbreviation of “GRand Unified Bootloader”, which is used within the Linux working device to name the working device when the pc is became on.

When we open a boot menu, other choices or settings are provide there which can be utilized to configure the boot loader, on this write-up, we can talk about those grub boot choices and tips on how to adjust them.

How do I alter GRUB boot choices

We have a GRUB boot configuration record on the trail of /and so on/default/grub, we will be able to open it with any editor, prior to opening it, create the backup of this record by way of the usage of the command:

$ sudo cp /and so on/default/grub /and so on/default/grub.bak

To verify the execution of the above command, show the contents of /and so on/default/grub.bak the usage of:

$ cat /and so on/default/grub.bak

To save the adjustments, replace the GRUB the usage of the command:

For comfort we can open it with the assistance of a nano textual content editor the usage of the command:

$ sudo nano /and so on/default/grub

The first line “GRUB_DEFAULT” is the technique to set the desire of opting for the working device in case you have a couple of. If you place the price of this technique to “0” then it’s going to select the primary working device provide within the boot menu and when you set it “1” then it’s going to select the second one working device a few of the listing.

Another possibility is GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE which is in our case set to the hidden, which means it’s going to no longer show the boot menu till the boot menu secret is pressed, whether it is set to “menu”, then it’s going to show the Grub boot menu.

The subsequent possibility within the boot menu is for “GRUB_TIMEOUT”. It is for boot time; how a lot time will it take in addition the working device, in our case it’s set to “0” because of this it’s going to boot the working device straight away however you’ll be able to build up this time in keeping with your requirement.

To upload the picture within the background of the boot menu, obtain the picture of your selection after which reproduction it to “/boot/grub” the usage of the command:

$ sudo cp index.jpeg /boot/grub/

Again open the configuration record of GRUB boot:

$ sudo nano /and so on/default/grub

Add the next line within the record:


Save the record and go out the editor, and replace the GRUB boot settings the usage of the command:

The output is appearing that the background symbol has been added, now rebooted Linux.

Press the GRUB MENU key (Shift) to open the boot menu:

We can see that the background of the GRUB boot menu has been modified.


GRUB menu comes in handy in case you have a couple of working device, it’s going to ask you which ones working device you wish to have to run at the pc, within the Linux working device, the working device is booted by way of the GRUB boot loader. GRUB menu choices can also be changed throughout the terminal in Linux. In this write-up, we’ve got mentioned how the grub boot choices are modified throughout the command-line in Linux. In the Ubuntu-based distributions, the configurations of the GRUB menu are saved in /and so on/default/grub and they are able to be modified by way of opening the next trail with the assistance of an editor.

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