How to Restart a Service on Alpine Linux


Operating methods incorporate a ton of providers to do your knowledge smoother. However, these providers in certain cases exhibit bugs and must be fastened. Hence, it’s good to restart the providers to put off the problems and let the providers work persistently. However, Linux distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint supply a ordinary method to restart a service, in contrast to with Rocky Linux and Alpine Linux. This brief instruction briefly explains learn how to restart a service on Alpine Linux.

How to Restart a Service on Alpine Linux

We will see learn how to restart a working service on Alpine Linux employing a couple of ordinary instructions.

First, we listing each of the providers employing the subsequent rc command:

As you may see, each of the earlier providers are working in three forms of runlevels: default, essential, and handbook. The earlier command indicates each of the providers on the latest runlevel by default.

You can restart the providers which might be working in each of the said runlevels. The usual syntax to restart any service on Alpine Linux is as follows:

rc-service <service-name> restart

Moreover, you may run the subsequent command to restart the service:

/and many others/init.d/<service-name> restart

First of all, we restart the “udev” service that runs beneath the default runlevel with the assistance of the subsequent command:

Similarly, you may additionally restart the providers of the essential runlevel. We restart the “sysfs” from each of the providers which might be working on the essential runlevel of our system. For this, we use the subsequent command:

/and many others/init.d/sysfs restart

Lastly, we restart the “openrc-settingsd” service from the handbook runlevel by working the subsequent command:

 rc-service openrc-settingsd restart

In this manner, you may restart the providers of Alpine Linux.


We defined learn how to restart a service on Alpine Linux. Alpine Linux organizes providers based on their run tiers. The system to commence the providers of all run tiers is identical. In Alpine Linux, you may restart the providers employing two instructions: “/etc/init.d/ restart” and “rc-service restart”.

Here, now we have seen learn how to restart an Alpine Linux service employing the given instructions. With this instruction’s assist, you may with ease restart the Alpine Linux service.

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