How to Ping IPv6 on Linux


IPv6 (Internet Protocol adaptation 6) was developed to interchange IPv4 end result of the enlargement of IoT and the restrained quantity of IP addresses in IPv4. In the web session, a ping measures the full round-trip for the packet between the host and the vacation spot. Pinging a community machine is a general troubleshooting step to assess the web connection. However, frequent newbies gain knowledge of the best way to ping IPv6 or IPv4 in Linux distros. This quick tutorial explains the hassle-free methods to ping IPv6 on Linux.

How to Ping IPv6 on Linux

A ping is a well known instrument to troubleshoot the community connectivity troubles inside a distant system. You can use the ping command with a style of protocols and networks. The community infrastructure and the web primarily use IPv4 because the community layer. At the identical time, the brand new generational IPv6 is growing well known on account of its immense capability and compatibility.

You can use the ping command for equally IPv4 and IPv6. Here, we study particularly pinging ipv6. For this, comply with these steps:

First, assess regardless of whether your system helps IPv6.

When you run the past command, you see the “default via” inside the output which suggests that you’ve gotten a gateway IP set for IPv6. If it is just not inside the output, your system doesn’t help IPv6.

To efficiently ping an IPv6 deal with, you could allow the IPv6 on the system. If it is just not enabled and you might be attempting to ping for IPv6, it offers you a “ping: connect: network unreachable” error.

Now, confirm if IPv6 is enabled or not utilizing the subsequent command:

If your output is just like the past output, it implies that IPv6 help is just not enabled. In this case, you’ve gotten to allow it first.

Now, one can ping IPv6 with the ping command. Although this command works with IPv4 addresses by default, one can additionally use it for IPv6 addresses.

Condition 1: Ping IPv6 with the Domain Name

You can use the ping command with the area identify to ping the deal with. But by default, it provides you the IPv4 deal with. To ping the IPv6 deal with utilizing the ping command by using the area identify, use the “-6” choice to pressure the IPv6 deal with:

ping -6 (for Arch Linux and Red Hat-based distros)


ping6 (for Debian-based distros, inclusive of Ubuntu)

Condition 2: Ping IPv6 with IPv6 Address

If you don’t have a website identify or hostname, one can use the ping command with the IPv6 deal with as follows:

ping <IPv6_address>
ping6 <IPv6_address>

You may also ping the IPv6 deal with which is instantly hosted by the server. For this, use the subsequent command:

ping -6


We defined the strategies to ping an IPv6 deal with on Linux. Many Linux techniques have equally IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. In this circumstance, it’s crucial to ping IPv6 for connectivity. You may also ping the IPv6 deal with which is hosted by Google. We hope that with the assistance of this guideline, one can efficiently ping the IPv6 addresses in your Linux machine.

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