How to Check the Version of Alpine Linux


Multiple forms of Linux distros have develop into so fashionable amongst programming geeks. That’s why these distros require a daily improvement and upgrades. However, the updates at times confuse the customers about which model of the OS are they at the moment utilising.

Although it really is easy to seek out the OS model, should you use the working techniques like Alpine Linux and Arch Linux, you could get confused as a newbie. In this quick guideline, we are going to clarify some easy methods to seek out out the at the moment operating model of Alpine Linux.

How to Check the Version of Alpine Linux

Let’s divide this part into two components the place we clarify equally CLI and GUI strategies to assess the variants on Alpine Linux.

The CLI Approach

Condition 1: When putting in a Linux distribution, each of the details which includes its model. However, when a purchaser or enterprise promises a Linux server, you wish the SSH to log into that server. In this circumstance, you don’t know the Linux distribution and its model, however you possibly can discover out.

As a Linux person, you need to know that the core configuration documents of the system are included in its /and so on listing. An os-release file beneath this listing incorporates each of the details associated to Linux distribution like distribution model, title, launch id, and so on. You can see all these details utilising the cat command:

Similarly, you possibly can additionally run the subsequent command inside the similar circumstance:

The prior command shows the distribution title, model particulars, and so on.

Condition 2: When you already know in regards to the Linux distro and you ought to discover out its model, you possibly can use the prior command with the grep command to filter the details like this:

grep ‘^VERSION’ /and so on/os-release

Additionally, you possibly can use any of the subsequent instructions to assess the model of Alpine Linux:

The GUI Approach

First, go to the “Applications” menu, search “Settings”, and open it.

Now, go to the “About” part. Here, you’re going to get each of the details which can be associated to the system, which includes the model of Alpine Linux.


It is sweet to seek out the model of your OS due to the fact that it could allow you to resolve some technical troubles similar to a corrupt system, previous OS troubles, and program setting up. That’s why we defined the easy strategies that you possibly can try and assess the model of Alpine Linux devoid of getting errors. CLI and GUI strategies are straightforward, and you possibly can assess your OS model utilising any of the given strategies.

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