How to Fully Display the Swap Space on Linux


Swap area is the digital reminiscence to spread your system’s RAM potential. Hence, when RAM is unavailable, you’ll be able to use Swap for RAM by transferring the inactive reminiscence pages to the swap vicinity. However, for the spinning velocity of a classical onerous disk, the swap area is decrease in switch entry time and velocity when compared with RAM.

Swap area can swap out the RAM contents in case there is not really sufficient RAM purchasable. This swap area, representing a bodily reminiscence web page, makes use of a exotic disk file or the prime of a disk partition when the RAM is full. Swap area is non-obligatory if there may be sufficient reminiscence inside the system. In that case, you’ll be able to disable the Swap area. This tutorial seems at the right way to totally disable the Swap area on Linux.

How to Fully Disable the Swap Space on Linux

First, assess if the Swap is on or off, and run the “swapon –s” from the shell interface. If the Swap is enabled, the command returns a non-empty output:


Before totally disabling the Swap area, you could assess the occupied reminiscence. Through this, you’ll be able to determine the partition which holds the Swap area in your system. You can use any of the subsequent to assess the Swap area:


As you’ll be able to see, the Swap area for the system is 2GB. Now, we should totally disable the Swap area. To get extra dependableremember tips from the prior command, you’ll be able to get the “/etc/fstab” file by opening it in any editor. Remember, you could open the file inside the editor to totally disable the Swap area on Linux. Here, we open this file employing the nano editor.

Now, convert the complete line to a remark by prepending it with the “#” (hashtag) image.

Save the file. Now, you’ll be able to assess your system’s Swap area because of the free command:

You can see that the Swap area is free.

By working the “swapon –s” command, you will notice that it now not supplies you any output, which implies that the Swap area is totally disabled on Linux.

This is how you’ll be able to totally disable the Swap area on Linux. If you wish to disable a distinct Swap partition, run the subsequent “swapoff” command:

swapoff <file/path/to/swap>

Use the subsequent command to disable all Swaps briefly:


Swap reminiscence is a section of the system’s hard disk drive or different storage gadgets which is saved individually. Swapping (enabling swap area) vastly reduces the overall performance of your system. So, in case your system has sufficient RAM, you’ll be able to disable the Swap area. This tutorial defined the right way to totally disable the Swap area on Linux.

When there may be a constrained quantity of RAM, disabling the Swap area also can have unintended penalties similar to working out of reminiscence. Disabling a Swap devoid of any distinct cause is not really beneficial. It is normally sluggish when compared with RAM, which is why employing Swap area negatively impacts the system overall performance.

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