How To Use Zenmap Nmap GUI


This instructional explains the right way to set up and use the Zenmap Graphical User Interface for Nmap (Network Mapper) in Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions.

While the set up procedure specializes in Debian-based Linux distributions like Ubuntu (I additionally integrated directions for CentOS), the remainder of the educational on Zenmap utilization is legitimate for all Linux distributions with standard X Window Managers.

After studying this text, you’ll be able to execute other scan sorts for more than a few functions, together with vulnerability detection and exploitation. All directions are optimized for brand spanking new and skilled Nmap customers.

All examples on this record comprise screenshots, making it simple for each and every reader.

Brief Introduction to Nmap and Zenmap

Nmap is one of the easiest gear to research community visitors, for port scanning, diagnose community issues and enforce malicious ways for penetration trying out, amongst extra usages.

It is referred to as the “Swiss Army knife” for sysadmins and hackers.

Nmap works by means of examining packet responses and evaluating them to laws and protocol requirements.

Nmap is achieved from the command line. Users who need to use Nmap thru a graphical interface will have to go for Zenmap, the Nmap frontend, a pleasant graphical consumer interface for customers unfamiliar with the Linux terminal.

Installing Zenmap on Debian and Ubuntu

On Debian and Ubuntu, you’ll be able to set up Zenmap the use of the apt applications supervisor, as proven within the following screenshot:

On CentOS, you’ll be able to set up Zenmap by means of working the next command:

yum set up nmap-frontend -y

After set up, you’ll be able to run Zenmap from the console or the Apps menu.

You can use Zenmap as a non-privileged or a privileged consumer since a number of purposes (no longer all) simplest paintings with root privileges.

If you run Zenmap as an unprivileged consumer, you are going to see the next caution. For many not unusual scanning functions, you’ll be able to forget about it and press OK to proceed, or you’ll be able to open it with privileges.

Zenmap interface may be very intuitive; a handy guide a rough view displays the next 3 best menu choices:
  • Scan: from this menu, you’ll be able to save and open scan effects
  • Tools: this menu permits to match scan effects, seek amongst effects, and clear out hosts
  • Profile: this menu will allow you to create and edit profiles with predefined choices; right here, you’ll be able to outline the sort

Here are the next 3 fields:

  • Target: You can outline an IP, host, IP vary, and extra
  • Profile: Here, you’ll be able to edit your scan traits
  • Command: The full-scan command to be achieved in Nmap

By default, Zenmap presentations the Intense scan profile, executing the command nmap -T4 -A -v, the place the -T4 flag defines an competitive scan, in accordance with the next classification:

  • Paranoid/-T0: Extremely gradual, helpful to circumvent IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • Sneaky/-T1: Slow, additionally helpful to circumvent IDS
  • Polite/-T2: Neutral
  • Normal/-T3: Default mode when no mode is specified
  • Aggressive/-T4: Fast scan
  • Insane/-T5: Faster than earlier Aggressive scan kind

The -A flag allows model and OS detection, tracerouting, and NSE scripts. The -v (Verbosity) flag returns more information within the output.

Type a goal at the Target box this is known with an IP, area, IP vary, or addressing rule, and press the scan button.

As you’ll be able to see, the outlined goal in my case was once, which returned two open ports (amongst default scanned ports) and CentOS because the working gadget.

You can get detailed data at the tabs subsequent to the Nmap Output tab. For instance, the Ports / Hosts tab will show open ports.

You can upload NSE scripts to incorporate vulnerability scans and exploitation for your scan procedure.

NSE (Nmap Scripting Engine) allows further purposes to the Nmap common scans, comparable to vulnerability detection or exploitation.

The Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) is a collection of scripts labeled by means of classes. Users can write their scripts with customized options.

Note: The Nmap NSE is deeply defined on this instructional we launched a 12 months in the past.

To come with NSE scripts for your scan, edit your profile by means of urgent Profile at the best menu and a few to be had choices (You can edit the present profile or create a brand new one).

To see to be had scripts, press the Scripting tab. On the left facet, make a selection the scripts you need to incorporate for your scans.

For instance, if you’re trying out your FTP server safety, it’s your decision to make a choice NSE scripts to seek out FTP vulnerabilities or safety holes for not unusual assaults.

You will even release a brute pressure assault along with your scan to check your server configuration ahead of more than one login makes an attempt.

The NSE is a vital Nmap element you will have to dedicatedly discover.

Select the related scripts to your scan functions.

Note: If achieved as a non-root consumer, some purposes would possibly not paintings.

Next to the Scripting tab, you’ll be able to see the Target tab. By urgent it, you’ll be able to outline ports, IP levels, goal recordsdata, excluded hosts, and many others.

Explore the remainder of the tabs defining your required command and press the Save Changes button to use adjustments for your profile.

Then click on the Scan button to release your new scan.

Zenmap is an intuitive graphical interface, and you’ll be able to in finding additional info on it at How To Use Zenmap To Scan a Network.


Zenmap will be the first possibility for Windows customers. The “Command” box turns Zenmap right into a excellent finding out interface too. You can use the graphic interface whilst finding out what instructions you execute to hold out the scan.

Some customers in finding it tough or don’t like interacting with the terminal or console. This instructional explains the right way to set up and use Zenmap, the Nmap graphical interface, and a pleasant interface for customers unfamiliar with terminals and even MS Windows. Thus, Zenmap will show the instructions used, and the use of Zenmap can be a very good introductory technique to discover ways to use it throughout the console.

In some circumstances, customers would possibly in finding the Zenmap information go back visually extra arranged than when returned within the console. Results are labeled by means of kind in tabs customers can browse.

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