How to move up a Directory in Linux


While operating at the machine, we at all times paintings on other folders to avoid wasting information or different information. In Linux and Unix-Like techniques, those folders are referred to as directories. Directories are the positioning the place we save our information within the type of other information.

Sometimes, whilst operating on a machine, we wish to transfer our location and transfer to every other listing. As the entire paintings within the Linux machine is finished via instructions. To transfer our location or exchange the present operating listing, Linux has presented the exchange listing command which is legendary because the “cd” command in Linux. It is modest to make use of the cd command whether or not you need one point up listing, to navigate one point again, a couple of directories navigation, or to navigate against the foundation listing or house listing.

Go up a Directory in Linux Through cd Command

You want sudo privileges to run the cd command within the machine.

Before getting began, take note the syntax of cd command:

When you get started a machine, your present operating location is the house listing.

Let’s take a look at how we will be able to carry out other classes to switch our operating listing in Linux machine the usage of cd command:

One Level-up Directory

To point up one listing the usage of cd command, the next command can be used:


Two level-up Directory

Similarly, to leap up two ranges from the present listing or /usr listing, you’ll kind:


To Return to Previous Level

If you need to go back to the former operating listing, kind in terminal:


Navigate to a Specific Folder

To navigate from house listing to precise folder, i-e if need to transfer against obtain listing, the command can be:


Navigate to Home Directory

When you run handiest the “cd” command within the terminal, you’re going to navigate to the house listing:


Or otherwise to get again to the house listing is the “cd ..” command:


Navigate to Root Directory

Execute the next command to switch present listing to root listing:


Navigate To Directories Having Space in Name

By the usage of the cd command, one too can exchange the listing having a reputation with house. The formulation is slightly easy. Use backlash () or double quotes across the title. For instance:

$ cd “Testing Document”




We have noticed quite a lot of choices like soar to the foundation listing, house listing, one point up listing, two point up listing, one point again listing and navigate against a particular listing. This article has mentioned how we will be able to exchange our provide listing.

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