How to Check the sshd Logs in Linux?


“The sshd stands for Secure Shell Daemon. It’s a silent procedure that listens to the entire authentication and login makes an attempt of Linux. As quickly as you get started your gadget, the method starts.

Using sshd logs, you’ll be able to track approved and unauthorized login makes an attempt for your gadget. This is helping in maintaining your gadget safe.

Today, we can discover the way to dive into sshd logs on Ubuntu 22.04. We have offered two techniques to get entry to the sshd logs. This educational makes use of easy-to-follow Linux instructions to look sshd logs. By the top of this educational, it is possible for you to to discover sshd logs by yourself.”

Without any longer ado, let’s get began!


Following are the 2 techniques you’ll be able to test sshd logs on Ubuntu 22.04:

Method 1: Check SSHD Logs Using the “lastlog” Command

We employ this system once we simplest need to see the login logs the usage of sshd. To see the logs, run the lastlog command at the command line (Terminal) as proven under:

Once the command is completed, you’re going to see the entire login-related logs for your display screen, as proven within the symbol under:


Method 2: Check SSHD Logs Using auth.log

We employ this system once we no longer simplest need to see logs of login makes an attempt but in addition the entire sshd logs. To see those logs, first cross to the log listing following the trail /var/log. Here, there’s a document with the title auth.log that assists in keeping the entire sshd logs.

To see the logs, use the cat command as proven under:

This will provide to you the entire sshd logs like this:


If you run into an error whilst having access to the auth.log document, check out having access to it with root privileges. Use sudo with the cat command, and it is going to grant you get entry to to the sshd logs.


In as of late’s information, we noticed intimately the way to get entry to sshd logs in Ubuntu 22.04. You noticed how lets see login strive logs the usage of a fundamental Linux command. Later, we additionally explored the way to see the entire sshd logs stored within the auth.log document. Every time you attempt to make a brand new connection, percentage a document, or try to authenticate your self, the auth.log document will get up to date. Using those logs, you’ll be able to track the protection of your gadget to a point through maintaining a tally of the approved and unauthorized login makes an attempt.

We hope you loved the academic.

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