Linux Copy File to Current Directory and Rename


Linux customers were the use of the mv and cp instructions for a number of many years to rename and duplicate information. There are a couple of distinctive choices for renaming a dossier, together with easy ways, diversifications, and different instructions.

Linux Copy File to Current Directory and Rename

Linux Copy a dossier to Current Directory
An glaring means to try this is to make use of a command like “cp file1 file1-orig.”

By Using cp Command
The command is known as cp from the quick call of replica, which means that replica. Linux gadget customers can replica folders, directories, and information the use of the cp command. We can use cp instructions at the side of vacation spot and supply simplest. Here at the side of the dossier’s trail, the filename may be modified—the syntax for the cp command.



the place,
cp > replica command
file1.txt > supply dossier “file1.txt”
file2.txt > vacation spot dossier “file2.txt”

Presence of file2.txt
If file2.txt is provide, it’s overwritten with the contents of file1. On the opposite, if file2.txt isn’t provide, then it’s created in that situation.

Overwriting the File
Using the next command, we will be able to replica file1.txt to file2.txt:

cp -i file1.txt file2.txt

Here, choice -i is used to creating it interactive and supply a suggested when file2.txt is overridden.

Linux copies a whole listing’s contents to any other listing. In the command under, the wildcard * is used to replicate one dossier between two places.


Thus we’ve observed that to replicate the content material from one listing to any other. The cp command is used for which the vacation spot listing is necessary.

In the absence of a vacation spot listing, if we need to replica the content material from the present listing, then we first create the vacation spot listing after which replica the content material. We use the under command to replicate the content material via growing the vacation spot listing.

cp > replica command
-r > recursively
logs > supply listing
logs2 > vacation spot listing

Linux Copy a couple of information to Current Directory

By Using cp Command
All we want is the cp command, plus the assets and locations to replicate a couple of information and directories. Its syntax is one thing like this.



cp file1.txt file2.txt logs1


cp > replica command
file1.txt > supply dossier file1.txt
file2.txt > supply dossier file2.txt
logs1 > vacation spot listing logs1

By Using tar Command
For copying numerous information, the tar command is a better choice. This technique can get actual previous speedy.

  • We use the tar command to gather the entire information we edit within the information we need to again up.
  • Make backup copies more straightforward via the use of a for a loop.

Tar is an effective way to look all of the contents of an current listing. In this, we use the next command.

We use the next command to spot a bunch of information with a trend.

In each and every case, we see all information with the .txt extension or in the similar listing finish with the myfiles.tar dossier.

Easy loops let us create backup copies with changed names.

for dossier in *
> do
>    cp $dossier $file-orig
> performed

To replica the big-name dossier, we replica the information the use of the syntax of “-orig”.

cp file-with-a-very-long-name{,-orig}

Linux Rename File to Current Directory

The mv command is used to rename the dossier within the Linux gadget. For this, we want the current_name and new_name of the listing at the side of the mv command. We use the next syntax to rename the dossier.


To rename a dossier, we simply used the mv command at the side of current_name and new_name.


Keep in thoughts that the brand new call we’re giving to the dossier would possibly not exist already. If this occurs and we use the mv command, then the dossier will get overridden.

Rename and Copy on the identical time

If we need to rename and duplicate on the identical time, then we use the next command.

cp program3.cpp homework6.cpp


There are many choices for renaming and copying information within the Linux gadget. This article noticed how we replica information in directories and alter their names via other instructions. We hope you could have understood neatly from this text how directories are copied and renamed in Linux the use of wildcards with instructions.

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